Doesn’t the NFL Want Gay Players?


Manti Te’o. Manti Te’o is the Notre Dame linebacker who had the fake girlfriend for how many years? A year or two years, he had a fake girlfriend. They’re having the NFL combine in Indianapolis. This is the meat market. This is where the prospective players show up and they’re put through their paces and physical workouts. Management personnel and scouts from all the NFL teams are there to observe, clock, time, examine, give tests to and all this to determine whether or not these guys are fit to be in the NFL.

They even set up… Never mind. I won’t go there. As humorless as people are… You would not believe it. I got the audio sound bite roster today. They’re still talking about my observation, “I’m ashamed of my country,” and the people talking about it — Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham at Fox — apparently didn’t even understand what I meant by it! They think I’m really ashamed to be an American, that I’m ashamed of the country as it is. I don’t know how, folks. I literally don’t know.

I am perhaps one of the best communicators in American media and have been for years, and I don’t know how they think this. This is why I’m not gonna do my little NFL combine joke. Nobody’s got a sense of humor out there anywhere. They wouldn’t understand it. They wouldn’t find it funny. They’d be offended by it. They wouldn’t laugh at it, wouldn’t get it. If even people on our side are not gonna understand what I mean or meant — and I was perfectly clear, by the way.

What we are being subjected to by our government makes me ashamed.

Not the Constitution, not the country, not the way we’re founded! The current government and the way it’s dealing with us makes me ashamed. We’re having our intelligence insulted every day.



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