Dingy Harry: 4th Quarter Economic Contraction is the GOP’s Fault


See how this works? The economy contracted. I gotta remind you, at the end of September, the third year calendar quarter, economic growth rate in September was 3.1%. Something happened, though, folks, I don’t know what. Between the end of September and the end of the year, in October, November, December, something happened, and it caused the economy to stop growing. Something happened, I don’t know what it would have been, but something happened in there that caused the economy to stop growing.

Here’s Dingy Harry with the answer. “Oh, yeah, we’re still in the recovery. The economy contracted, yeah, but we’re still growing. What that fourth quarter contraction means is just a repudiation of the Republican playbook. Growth went down in the fourth quarter because of reduced government spending.” That’s right. You know the Republicans engineered that? The Republicans cut spending. Poor Obama couldn’t do anything about it. Poor guy’s hands were tied, he was handcuffed. He just won the election, and the Republicans somehow went in there with swords and stuff and they just started slashing spending. They cut a lot of spending out there. And the people of this country didn’t like that.

The American people saw that the Republicans were cutting spending in December, and they didn’t like it, and they got all depressed. So they stopped spending money because the Republicans were cutting spending. It’s what Dingy Harry is saying. You stop spending. You stop buying gas. You stop buying cars, stop buying TVs, stop buying cell phones, stop buying iPads, who knows, whatever, because you saw the Republicans slashing spending. And, yeah, they were gonna take us over the fiscal cliff. So the Republicans are responsible. And, of course, folks, the low-information voters soak all this up and believe it.



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