Democrats Warn of One-Hour Airport Delays If Congress Cuts Spending


The federal government says that with looming across-the-board budget cuts slated to hit next week, airline travelers should expect potential travel delays and cancelations.

Executive Vice President of the Airports Council International–North America Deborah McElroy says the challenge is in knowing how best to prepare. “Everyone is frustrated with the lack of specific information,” says McElroy. “Airports are looking at their contingency plans, but the difficulty is, I don’t know what I’m planning for.”

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the “vast majority” of the 47,000 Federal Aviation Administration workers, including 14,740 air traffic controllers, will have a furlough day every two weeks, resulting in a 10% weekly workforce reduction. The number of planes accepted into the system will also be cut back, similar to the way the FAA does during bad weather.



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