Democrats Panic Over Sequester Cuts, Resort to Same Old Lies About Republicans


The headline basically says it: “Even Brief Spending Cuts Could Hit US Economy Hard.” You see, this all fits in with the idea that all prosperity comes from Washington. That the American dream has its route through Washington. If you don’t go through Washington, if you don’t deal with Washington, you don’t interact with Washington, you’re not participating in the American dream. You don’t have a chance. And if there is anything that happens that is going to in any way harm or shrink or make smaller the size of government, then, oh, no, that means a direct hit on the economy. A direct hit on the prosperity of the country, on the prosperity of the American people. It’s really insidious how this has taken hold. But they’re doing everything they can to poison the minds of the low-information crowd about the sequester, about spending cuts.

You can’t find anywhere in the media that the sequester was Obama’s idea. You can’t. The whole concept of the sequester was Obama’s and the Democrats’. It was their idea. It was their proposal. And now they’re acting like it was forced on them by these mean Republicans who only want to hurt people. Who only want to take things away from them, only want to harm prosperity by punishing our beloved government and taking things away from it, and that’s where we find ourselves. So the Republicans, they’re not out talking about your costs of living going up, your taxes going up. I think they’re still in shell shock. I think they’re still in a reactionary or responsive mode, and they get up every day and they try to ascertain, “Okay, where we gonna get hit today?” and they prepare a defense for it, or try.

So they get up, “Okay, we gonna get hit on immigration today? We gonna get hit on guns today? Are we gonna get hit on the sequester today? Are we gonna get hit on gay rights today? Are we gonna get hit on the War on Women today?” That’s their mind-set. What are we gonna get creamed with today? The idea of getting up and going to a bank of microphones and taking it to Obama, “Oh, no, we can’t do that. Why, that would anger the moderates and the independents.” They’re not in the mind-set yet, folks, of being critical of Obama has any kind of a positive upside.



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