Democrats Lie About Sequestration


Now, the argument about the sequester is being obscured as well. And Bob Woodward, if you need proof, Bob Woodward has the proof in one of his books. The sequester was an Obama idea. But as usual Obama is acting as though it’s a Republican idea that has him imprisoned, so to speak. It’s a dastardly trick that was played on him, and the Republicans are up to their usual tricks ’cause all they want to do is take things away from people. That’s all the Republicans ever want to do.

They want to take away your gay rights. They want to take away your gay marriage. They want to take away your food stamps. They want to take away your dog. They want to take away your Social Security. They want to take away your Medicare. They want to take away your health care. They want to take away your house. And sequestration is the dirty trick that they fooled Obama into agreeing with, and now that we’re about to get it, we can’t have it. Well, the fact of the matter is it was Obama’s idea. And one more time I’m gonna explain what it is.

A year-and-a-half ago there was another one of these phony, artificial crises because we’re about to reach the end of our limit of our ability to borrow money to pay for what we’ve spent, called the debt limit. And so we had to raise it. Well, the Republicans were saying, “Look, we gotta get some discipline here. We’re just spending money left and right that we don’t have. There’s got to be some limit.” So they wanted a promise of some spending cuts for Obama if they agreed to raise the debt limit, allowing to us borrow even more money. And the way those negotiations ended up was sequestration. “Okay, we’ll solve it,”but the debt limit’s gonna come up again in a year-and-a-half, everybody knew, and the next time it comes up, which is in March, if a deal isn’t struck, then what happens is sequestration.



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