Compliant Media is Key to Obama Strategy


The proper optic is the perception that Obama’s fighting for us against the rich and the selfish. Here we are into the fifth year, and Obama’s not president. He’s a revolutionary. He’s a crusader. He’s fighting powerful forces that don’t care about global warming, that don’t want illegals to become citizens, that don’t want people to be treated humanely. “They’re not worried about global warming. They’re not concerned about gun violence.”

Obama’s not the president. I mean, he is but he’s not governing. He’s fighting these powerful forces! He’s not responsible for anything. This is why you can have a story in the New York Times today that polls show dissatisfaction with country’s direction, but massive support for Obama’s agenda. There’s no relationship, as far as a majority of people who vote in this country are concerned. Obama’s agenda has nothing to do with the country’s direction. Obama’s agenda’s about trying to stop it.

Obama’s agenda is trying to create jobs. Obama’s agenda trying to stop this bad economy. Obama’s agenda is trying to fix the climate. Obama’s agenda is trying to stop gun violence. Obama’s agenda is that he cares about all of you — and after eight years of an Obama presidency, if he pulls this off, he will not have governed one day! The purpose of the perpetual campaign now is the 2014 midterm elections.



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