Chris Dorner Becomes Liberal Hero


Christopher Dorner, the fired LA cop is still on the loose. If you hear that Dorner is anywhere near where you live, based on what I’ve heard from the left in recent weeks, the safest thing you can do is turn in your guns. That’s what will make you safe. I’ve heard every Democrat, I’ve heard the media say this, that the way we’re gonna make this country safe is for everybody to get rid of their guns. So if this Dorner guy, who’s already killed three cops, shows up in your neighborhood, somehow make it known so that he finds out that you’ve gotten rid of your guns and he’ll leave you alone.

He’s only gonna go find people that have guns and wipe them out. If you are a good citizen and get rid of yours, why, Dorner might even write you up in his next manifesto. Seriously. This is what they want us to believe. Getting rid of your guns will make you safer, and also seriously do you know what’s happening? This guy is becoming a cult hero. In every story about this guy, it’s no longer mentioned in his manifesto that he is pro-lib, that he’s inspired by people like Obama, inspired by left-wing media people by name, that he’s out on this killing spree inspired by American leftists.

It is stunning.

After every mass killing in this country, the media turns over every rock trying to find any evidence whatsoever that the killer was inspired by conservatives. Here you have a man who has admitted who his mentors are. Here you have a man who is admitting who he’s trying to please with his actions. Christopher Dorner is admitting that he idolizes left-wingers in politics and in the media. And it’s not news. It’s no big deal. And, in fact, what’s even worse: The guy’s becoming a cult hero among leftists on Twitter and Facebook.

He is gaining in popularity with people urging him on. I am not kidding you. “Support growing for Former LA Officer Accused of Killing Spree.” Michelle Malkin has a website called Twitchy. It’s an aggregator site, essentially, where she aggregates all kinds of tweets on all kinds of people. So rather than you have to go find individual “tweeterers,” she combines them. And there’s a never-ending, it seems, list of tweets from people who say, “Oh, yeah, I love this guy! He’s the modern day, real life Django,” for example.



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