Barack Obama Will Never Be Held Responsible for Anything


Now, you and I, in what I would call the high-information voter sector, understand what a giant disconnect that is. How in the world can people be dissatisfied with the country’s direction while at the same time support the very agenda that’s causing it? This just doesn’t compute to you and me. We recognize that it is Obama’s agenda which is leading to the problems this country has and thus the dissatisfaction that people have regarding the country’s direction. But the majority of people who vote, there is no connection of those two things whatsoever. They support Obama’s agenda, and they are terribly unhappy about the direction of the country, and, therefore, they do not associate Obama’s agenda or his policies with the direction of the country.

They do not associate Obama’s policies with what has happened to the country. They don’t associate all the spending and all the debt with the lack of jobs. They don’t make that connection, they don’t see any connection, they don’t see it at all. Now, to me this is an eye-opener, and it’s going to force me to assess exactly how to go forward here in dealing with these people. The idea is to persuade them. I mean, they are the low-information voters.

Now, if they’re unhappy with the economy, if they’re unhappy with jobs, if they’re unhappy with the debt, if they’re unhappy with the housing market and yet support Obama’s agenda, then they obviously do not connect Obama’s policies as being in any way related to or responsible for the country’s direction that they don’t like, which means a number of things. It means that they see Obama as working really hard to try to fix everything, rather than Obama as the reason for things worsening. They just do not see that. And to you and me it’s a slam dunk. It’s one plus one is two. These are people, outcome-based education, two plus two is five and we’ll give ’em an A for trying. They don’t see it.



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