There’s one other thing, folks, that I’ve left out of my explanation this week of how it is that every poll can show dissatisfaction with the direction the country is going but support for Obama’s agenda. It’s the fact that whenever he governs, he never, ever will be seen governing. He’s constantly campaigning. I forgot to tell you the end point of this, where it all leads — and this is the real hideous thing. As it gets worse, the perception will be that we need Obama even more!

As the circumstances in the country get worse, as the economy worsens, as the debt worsens — whatever is calculated, as it gets worse — the low-information voters, who do not attach Obama’s policies to what is happening, will want more Obama. They don’t see him as responsible. They see Obama as trying to stop all this bad stuff. They see Obama as trying to fix it. The worse it gets, the more they’ll say he will be needed.

Because in their mind, Obama’s the only guy that’s ever tried to fix this. Every other president caused it, particularly Reagan and Bush. Clinton, he’ll get a pass. Reagan and Bush, other presidents? Nixon? They caused this. Obama, he’s the first maybe in the country’s history to try to stop it. So the worse it gets, the more he will be needed, and that will be the media template. I’m just warning you.

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