Amnesty Won’t Help the GOP Win Hispanic Votes


The Daily Caller, ladies and gentlemen, has an interesting story. “A new report by Gallup suggests that the GOP is unlikely to boost its support among Latinos to much more than 25%,” no matter what, especially if they go for amnesty. “‘It appears that young Hispanic adults will remain lopsidedly Democratic throughout their lives, [and] there is also no generational evidence at this point suggesting that they will become more Republican,’ said the Monday report, which combines data from Gallup’s daily tracking polls of 26,264 Hispanics.”

Yeah, yeah. This is not your usual sample of 1,024.

“‘Majorities or near-majorities across all age groups among Hispanic adults identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, including 50% of middle-aged Hispanics and 59% of older Hispanics,’ said the report…” Now, you might ask, “Why?” By the way, you might also ask, “When was the GOP high point? When did they have the largest percentage of the Hispanic vote?” It was actually 2004. In 2004, George W. Bush got 40% of Latino vote.

Now my thinking is, “Well, if we did it once we could do it again.” He got that without amnesty, by the way. Wait a minute, 2004. Yeah. He was not pushing amnesty in ’04. That came later. Folks, there’s a reason for this. I have shared with you the scholarly research data which proves, at least according to the data, that the Hispanic population of this country is not basing their vote on whoever’s position on immigration.



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