A “Triumph” of Green Energy?


The fact that Barack Obama or some federal bureaucracy was not there to tell the cruise ship how to run its ship and to run its business is why this happened. That’s what the people on CNN is said. Then there were a couple of derogatory comments about profit and so forth, and they were complaining that these cruise ships are not registered in the US so as to avoid taxes and to avoid unions, and that’s why this happened. Let me tell you why this happened. It’s one very simple reason. The cruise ship lost electricity. If you want to see entire cities become what happened on that cruise ship, then you stand by idly and you let the environmentalist wackos have their way and encroach very gradual on your freedom to use electricity that you pay for.

They are opposed to carbon fuels, which means they are opposed to the generation of electricity. The hypocrisy of these people. There’s a big, big dispute going on between the manufacturers of the Tesla electric car and the New York Times. Some guy named Broder drove one in the middle of the winter and it broke down. He needed a tow. He wrote a very unfavorable review.

The manufacturer, the CEO of Tesla, a guy by the name of Elon Musk is in a big battle with the New York Times claiming they lied and misrepresented the truth about his state-of-the-art electric car. It’s not pleasant, folks. You have this battle going on between liberal giants. On the one side, an environmentalist guy concerned with his electric car. On the other side, the New York Times, which is all for this kind of stuff, but this one they claimed didn’t work.



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