With Kids as Human Shields, Obama Will Unveil Left’s Long-Held Plan to Grab Guns


The media is just salivating today. Politico, the Washington Post, the New York Times. Folks, they can barely keep their pants up, they are so excited. (interruption) Yeah. (sigh) They might not laugh at that, either. Yeah, some of them are wearing pants. They’re all excited over Biden’s proposals. Nineteen proposals to try to limit the availability of guns. Nineteen proposals to get around the Second Amendment. Many of these 19 proposals will come via executive order — and if they do, they will be illegal.

Executive orders are not intended to be used this way.

Executive orders do not grant the president the power to break the law.

Executive orders do not grant the president the power to get around or violate the Constitution.

But there are 19 things that Biden is proposing, and the story on my birthday, on January 12th, from the Washington Post: “Sweeping New Gun Laws Proposed By Influential Liberal Think Tank.” This is the Center for American Progress. I think it would be worthwhile to go through what their proposals are, because this is a think tank that has a lot of influence in the White House. Much of what this think tank proposes, this White House attempts to implement. So their ideas are probably going to be very close to Obama’s eventual list of demands.



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