Why the mainstream media could care less about Obama’s presidential power grabs


Last January, President Obama did something that every civics class teaches presidents are not allowed to do under our Constitution. Although the Senate was not in recess, he unilaterally “recess-appointed” four officials to executive posts, three of them to the National Labor Relations Board. The move allowed Obama to avoid the constitutionally mandated Senate confirmation process for all four – temporarily, at least.

This wrong was righted on Friday, when a three-judge panel on the D.C. federal appeals court unanimously struck down the three NLRB appointments on constitutional grounds.

The ruling comes as a surprise only to the journalists and editorial writers who framed this story so wrongly in the first place. Instead of recognizing these appointments for what they were – an obvious abuse of power to deliver an easy election-year favor for organized labor– America’s most important newspaper editorial boards praised Obama for his boldness.



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