Who Thought Obama Would Negotiate?


You know what amuses me today? All these media types. Let me take you back. Leading into the debate on the debt ceiling, remember even going into last year, the fiscal cliff first and then the debt ceiling, remember all these people saying to the Republicans, “Look, you guys just go ahead and agree to a tax increase on the rich and all that stuff and then Obama will have to negotiate. He will.” I was incredulous. I said, “Who are these people?” It was a lot of people pressuring the Republicans, other Republicans, media types. “You guys do this and then the onus is gonna be on Obama.” I thought, how naive. Obama isn’t gonna negotiate with anyone on anything.

So the Republicans cave, they confess, agree to raise taxes on the rich, and now we get to the debt ceiling debate. Obama had his press conference yesterday, and lo and behold, I have to tell you, I was surprised. F. Chuck Todd of NBC News and then Major Garrett, who left Fox, and I forget where he is now, White House correspondent for somebody because he was there in the White House, and they’re both incredulous that Obama won’t negotiate. I’m thinking, these are the State-Run Media, these are, you know, the Palace Media, the king and his court. These guys even got discombobulated. Even these guys were just incredulous that Obama wouldn’t negotiate. He was adamant he’s not gonna negotiate. He doesn’t have to. He’s not going to.

The Republicans have a gun to the nation’s head. He’s not gonna pay their ransom or whatever it is, and these two guys were incredulous. And then I read today in some stuff, show prep and other sound bites that others are shocked, on the left, in the media, that Obama won’t negotiate. I’m asking myself, really, folks, seriously now, remember the last couple of days, including last week, I said one of the things I’m trying to do as we head into this new year, my New Year’s resolution, lower profile. That’s kind of blown, but I tried, and I’m still trying on that, by the way. I also realized that one of the mistakes I make in doing this program is assuming that the people I’m talking about are intelligent and informed and aware.



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