While Phil Mickelson Begs for Forgiveness, Derek Jeter Pushes Climate Change


Look, there’s Phil Mickelson on TV doing an Enbrel commercial. You know what that is? I think it’s an arthritis drug that you shoot up yourself. It comes with a syringe. They gave it to me when they were trying to save my hearing. And I used it. Phil’s a spokesman, and that’s probably one of the reasons why he back tracked.

You ought to read some of the sports media guys talking about Mickelson. Mickelson did not ask for a change in tax policy. He didn’t join some politician’s campaign. He didn’t run out there and start his own cause to lower taxes. All he did was publicly say, “I may not be able to afford to live in California.” And the sports media descended on this guy. The sports media is every bit as left-wing as their news media counterparts are. They started laughing at him and making fun of him and calling him insensitive and cruel and selfish.

So Phil has done what most people do under such assault. He’s apologized. He asked for forgiveness. He declared he was insensitive. Yes, he shouldn’t have ever talked about it. Yes, he should realize there are people living paycheck to paycheck, and he let that slip from his mind. Oh, it’s so insensitive a thing he did and pulled the comments back. He’s vowed never, ever again to speak in public about it. This is how they shut you down. And it was the sports media. Some people say it was his agent. I’m sure his agent was in there like everybody else getting scared of what the sports media was doing.



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