Where’s the Outrage Over Bob Schieffer?


Where is the media outrage at Bob Schieffer comparing Obama’s gun initiatives to the Civil Rights Act 1964, killing bin Laden — which, by the way, the steps that were taken to kill bin Laden, people like Bob Schieffer don’t approve of. And a movie that was made, Zero Dark Thirty, was shut out of meaningful Oscar nomination because of the portrayal of waterboarding as having been relevant in capturing and finding and killing bin Laden. We can’t have that!

And then the Hitler comparison. “Surely if we can defeat Hitler, we can wipe out the NRA! I mean, surely.” Why does the left get away with all of these? This man is ostensibly a journalist. He supposedly is a newsman. There isn’t any news anymore! There isn’t any reporting of what’s going on. There’s no telling people what they missed. There’s no people going home at the end of the day who’ve been busy working and haven’t had a chance to have the TV or radio on, and turning on the TV to find out what happened during the day. That’s not what will happen.

If you go home at the end of the day after having been out of touch, you’ll turn on your TV and you’ll find out what a bunch of mean-spirited extremist enemies Obama has, and they all happen to be Republicans and they all happen to have talk shows. Every day, all you get is a never-ending effort to eliminate all Obama opposition — and not, by the way, in the arena of ideas. They do it by way of smear. Defamation. Slander. As they did with Romney in the presidential campaign. As they did repeatedly with George W. Bush.

What is it with these people comparing their enemies, who happen to be us, to Nazis and Hitler? Remember, it is people on the left who made movies and wrote books about the assassination of George W. Bush, and yet they get all hoity-toity and high and mighty — they get on their high horses — and start talking about all this dangerous rhetoric which might lead to violence. Dangerous rhetoric? How about the dangerous provocation that is coming at the American people every day from this White House and their lackeys in the media?



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