What Hostages in Algeria? Manti Te’o Had a Composite Girlfriend!


Have you heard about this Notre Dame football player, this Manti Te’o? You know, I called Kathryn this morning, I said, “Are you a hoax? I need to know. Is this real or is it not?”

Maybe it’s a Hawaiian thing to make up girlfriends. Obama did it. He had this composite girlfriend in one of his books. This is an amazing story. And I’ll tell you what, if this keeps up it’s gonna eclipse Lance Armstrong on Oprah tonight. Manti Te’o who is said to be a great, very high draft prospect, National Football League, coming out of Notre Dame. Apparently, he had a multiple month-long relationship with a woman he called a girlfriend. Never met her, but talked about kisses and so forth.

A running back for the Arizona Cardinals, also tweeting online that he knew the woman, described her appearance, but she never existed. Everybody involved says she never existed. They don’t know if he made it up and was living a lie or if he was hoaxed by people. If he was hoaxed, he totally fell for it and had a relationship with somebody pretending to be this woman online, and it got very serious.



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