WaPo Columnist: The Racist Redskins Name Blew Out RGIII’s Knee


Robert Griffin III, the quarterback of the Redskins, surgery today. James Andrews, the noted orthopedist, performed the surgery. Nobody yet knows what the recovery time is. Apparently RGIII blew out an ACL, in addition to the LCL, which is worse than the ACL. Apparently he just blew out the knee. The surgery today is essentially reconstruction of RGIII’s right knee, and so the recovery time, normally for an ACL is a year, and then even after the year, the fist couple months back are rather tenuous because the player obviously is not fully confident that the surgically repaired knee, in this case, is gonna hold up.

Adrian Peterson of the Vikings is a really rare exception. Peterson came back in less than a year and with no ill effects whatsoever. Peterson came back, to all appearances, stronger than even before. That is highly unusual, and Adrian Peterson of the Vikings, no doubt, will become a role model of sorts for RGIII and his attempted comeback. But already, people are saying, “Oh, yeah, if he can be back for training camp, he can certainly be back for opening day.” That’s a stretch. In the normal history of ACLs alone being blown out he’d miss the season. This happened in January. It’s usually eight to 12 months. And that’s what they’re saying this is.

But I was reading the Washington Post today, and do you know why RGIII blew out his knee? Washington Post, I’ve got it right here, in a column by the noted Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy. And the reason RGIII blew out his knee is because of the racist nature of the name of the team, the mascot, Redskins. It’s an insult to Indians. And the bad karma that surrounds the Redskins is due exclusively to the fact that their team name is racist and bigoted. Right here. That’s what blew out the knee. As Mr. Milloy writes, and I join it in progress. “Besides, Washington’s professional football team has raked up one disappointing season after another since 1992.”



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