THIS Gun Is Banned but THIS One Isn’t?


Mass killers still have access to plenty of firepower under New York’s new assault-weapon ban.

These two Benelli MR1 rifles have equal killing power — yet the one at the top is illegal to buy because of its “military” grip while the other is perfectly fine under the gun law signed by Gov. Cuomo last night.

The law also bans magazines holding more than seven rounds, yet has no provision limiting the number of clips someone can buy.

So a Newtown- or Aurora-style mass-killer can simply bring dozens of legal-capacity clips, which could be swapped out in just a second or two during a shooting spree.

“A 30-round magazine is no more dangerous than two 15-round magazines, or more dangerous than three 10-round magazines, or more dangerous than six 5-round magazines,” said Jerold E. Levine, a Manhattan lawyer and gun-rights advocate.

“It takes only two seconds to change the magazine in a semiautomatic gun,” he said.



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