There Will Be No Cuts


Why is it assumed we’re gonna lose everything? Well, we lost the election. Yeah, I’ll tell you why it’s assumed we’re gonna lose everything is because we don’t have anybody that knows how to win, which nobody will admit. We’re chalking up the fact that we can’t win because we are up against an immutable force. We don’t have anybody who thinks they can win. I don’t know that we have anybody outside of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio that even know how to win. But that’s for another discussion. Point is, I’m listening to all of this that makes no sense to me, and I’m asking, am I the oddball? Because I’m gonna tell you, folks, we are not set up to win anything on spending. There aren’t going to be any spending cuts.

I’m gonna tell you right now, January 4th. There are not gonna be any spending cuts. We’re not gonna get entitlement cuts. Who in the world thinks that? What are they smoking? We’re gonna get Social Security cuts, Medicare reform, whatever it is, Obamacare rolled back, we’re gonna get these things? How? “Rush, what you don’t get is that we’ve conceded on taxes now. Now it’s Obama’s turn and the media’s gonna force…” Oh, give me a break. The media’s not gonna force Obama to do anything but keep shellacking us. I’m stunned. People think that we’re set up now to win on the debt limit and spending. There isn’t gonna be any winning on spending. Not with the way things are now.

I’m not saying we can’t. I’m saying the circumstances under which we’re proceeding do not bode well for winning. Boehner said he’s not gonna negotiate in private with Obama. Oh, oh, that’s gonna make a big difference. I want to see the evidence. I want to see some historical evidence that we have succeeded in getting Democrats to agree to real spending cuts. I don’t think you can find any for me. But somehow we’re set up now to win.

What kind of thinking is it, okay, let’s give up this core belief. Gonna give up that core belief ’cause they’re distractions, get them out of the way, and that sets us up for wining. It’s the same kind of thinking that says, “Lets let the Democrats win everything and let everything go to hell and then people will see how we go to hell and they won’t want to ever vote for it again.” Well, we’re there. We’ve been there for four years. The theory doesn’t work. It got reelected. Going to hell got reelected.



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