The Silence of the Volts


A government safety agency is very upset. Do you know that electric cars don’t make any noise? If you get in your Chevy Volt and drive down the road, and low-information voters are crossing the street, you run right into ’em ’cause they don’t hear you. They can be looking right at you in your Chevy Volt or your Tesla, whatever it is you’ve got, your electric car, but it doesn’t make any noise. So while a low-information voter is pointing at your car and admiring it, you run him down.

“A government safety agency wants electric and hybrid vehicles to make more noise when traveling at low speeds so pedestrians [and low-information voters] can hear them coming. The cars and trucks, which are far quieter than [evil] conventional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, don’t make enough noise at low speeds to warn [low-information] walkers, bicyclists and the [low-information] visually impaired, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday in a statement.

“The proposed rule would require the cars to make additional noise at speeds under 18 miles per hour. NHTSA says the cars make enough noise to be heard at higher speeds. Automakers would be able to pick the sounds that the cars make from a range of choices.” So what would happen is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would make a database available of acceptable noises that your car could make.

Then your car manufacturer would choose from that database which sound their car would make. There would be a range of choices. Boy, is this freedom or what? It’s like picking a ring tone on your cell phone or it’s like choosing the voice that speaks to you on your computer. Isn’t this cool? And it’s the government making this possible because they really care about us. “Similar vehicles would have to make the same sounds. And the government says pedestrians must be able to hear the sounds over background noises.



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