The Scope of the DiFi Gun Ban List


No, I haven’t read yet DiFi’s latest gun ban bill. She mentions 158 guns that she wants to ban. She wants to ban them from being imported. She wants to ban them, I think, from being made. She wants to certainly ban them from being purchased. She wants to ban them from being sold. She wants to ban them from being bought. She wants to ban them from being cleaned. She wants to ban them from being looked at.

Now, what I don’t know is if it includes the kind of handgun that she used to carry. Did you know that? Oh, yeah, Dianne Feinstein used to carry a handgun. I don’t know if she still does or not. Or the gun that Chuck Schumer carries, I don’t know if her gun ban includes the kind of gun that Chuck Schumer carries. Some people claim — I don’t know this, I can’t attest to it — some people claim that DiFi carries a .357 Magnum revolver for her own personal defense — uh, hunting. She goes hunting. Because, see, if you’re a liberal, the only thing people do with guns is hunt. And they don’t want to stop people from doing that.

Maybe somebody will publish a list of all the politicians who have gun permits. Like that newspaper did. It published the names and addresses of average citizens who had gun permits. And we all know how that worked. That was so great. So a blogger said, “You know what? I’m going to publish the names and addresses of the people who work at that newspaper.” And, of course, journalists can’t handle it when journalism is committed on them. “What do you mean? You can’t publish our names and addresses!”



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