The Rest of the Country Doesn’t Know Sandy Victims are Still Suffering


Since the election, I hadn’t seen one story about the Sandy recovery. What I did see was they had the concert to fix all that. They had the concert to solve the problem. They had Bruce Springsteen in there. Governor Cuomo, either shortly before or shortly after the election, was on television saying that never before in his life had he seen a faster, more thorough and complete response to an emergency disaster than what he had seen from President Obama.

He’d never seen a president act as fast, as thoroughly, and who cared as much. He was providing solutions. And then Governor Christie, too. As we all know, the week before the election he had the president on the ground in New Jersey for couple of hours, and they walked on the beach, and they ran into some citizens, and Obama promised everybody that he was gonna eliminate the red tape for anybody that had to call any government agency to deal with assistance.

He promised that every call would be answered and dealt with in 15 minutes, and that was the last I’d heard of it! In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, we saw the ongoing misery for months afterward. The news anchors were all over the place in New Orleans. NBC set up a bureau (not a New Orleans bureau, but a Katrina bureau) and Fox was down there. It went on for months. And the residents that left New Orleans that went to Houston and other places in Texas, they had reporters following them.

It was plain as day that New Orleans didn’t get back to normal for months, but there wasn’t any of that in the Northeast. There were no such stories. The last stories I saw about it were gasoline shortages and people standing in line at gas stations with individual cans of gasoline to fire up their generators. That was, you know, within a day or two (or week or two) on either side of the election, and then it ceased to be a story. Honestly, I’m telling you. I probably forgot it. I just assumed that repair efforts were underway and ongoing and taking place and happening.



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