The Media Has Never Been So Happy


So, folks, I just want to prepare you. I know to some people it’s immature, it may be unseemly, it may seem insecure. It’s not any of that. I have been making predictions, and I should call those predictions warnings, it’s actually what they have been, about the media, about Obama, about the intentions of both, their intentions toward the Republicans, what Obama’s grand vision is. I have been warning and doing so under the guise of predictions for a lot of things, for four years. But some intense stuff that I’m gonna address here today, at least in the last three to four weeks, even going into last year. I’m gonna spend some time explaining it.

It’s not because of insecurity. It’s not because of immaturity. It’s not because I want to be childish or go nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, “See, I told you so,” none of that. It’s because I want you to know that when I predict something, I’m warning, and I want you to know that you can trust it. I want you to know that you can have faith in it. That I’m not saying things just to say them. That I’m not trying to be outrageous just for the sake of it. That I am genuinely concerned about these things and warning you about it for whatever good that ends up being.

Some will say, “You’re just doing this because you’re mad that everybody in the media is stealing your stuff.” No, I’m not. That’s what I mean. I’m not being childish about it. I’m not being immature. I know that with as many media people as there are and as many pundits offering opinions, it’s really difficult to claim originality. I’m not gonna go through this because I’m upset people are stealing from — I don’t look at it that way. It’s not the point. I do want to establish to you that I know what I’m talking about that. When I issue these warnings and red flags, that you ought to listen to it. It’s nothing more than my desire that you trust me and believe what I’m telling you so that you can be on the cutting edge, be informed, be aware of what’s coming, for whatever good it’ll do you, but that’s really the reason.



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