Slavery is Alive and Well in Liberal Minds


Ten, 15 years ago, it might be even farther back than that, maybe 20 years ago, a very good friend of mine, an African-American and I, were having a discussion. The Reverend Jackson was on a tour saying, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, western civ has gotta go,” or something. They were on the warpath against western civilization on campus, universities. The Reverend Jackson was at Stanford, I think, making this claim, that western civilization was responsible for racism and slavery and bigotry.

This African-American friend of mine genuinely believed that all of a sudden great western traditions that were incorporated in the founding of this country actually had their roots in sub-Saharan Africa years ago. I mean thousands of years ago, hundreds and thousands of years ago, plus Egypt. Ancient Egypt and the sub-Saharan Africa. He said all of that great culture was stolen by white slave traders and others who stole all of that and created America with it and then left blacks out of it. And the reason that sub-Saharan Africa today is remarkable for its poverty and backwardness and so forth, this is his view, was because the greatness of their ancestors had been stolen.

He really believed it. He was not a radical. He had been taught this. That our Founding Fathers and others before America stole all of this wonderful stuff that ended up becoming western civilization. His point was that the true greatness of humanity had its roots in Africa, but that it was all stolen. And I said, “Well, let’s assume that actually happened. If it was stolen, why didn’t the sub-Saharan Africans just re-create it? Why did thousands of years go by?” And he said, “Well, because it was stolen. They didn’t know how.” And I said, “Well, if they invented it, there had to have been records. There had to have been culture. Your values are stolen and you lose them?”

Anyway, I finally persuaded him that it couldn’t possibly be true. But he had been taught it, and he really believed it. He was not a radical. He was not a hater. I’m telling you that the education system in this country, this multiculturalism curricula has corrupted more than you will ever be able to calculate.



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