Searching for Something Positive Amid the Theatrics


The conventional wisdom inside the Beltway is, “Well, we might not-a won, but I’ll tell you: We did better than the Democrats did because the Democrats now have a problem, because the Democrats are now gonna be forced into talking about cutting spending.” What? Who’s gonna “force” them? The media? Republicans? Who? I’d love for it to happen, don’t misunderstand. (interruption) Why weren’t the Democrats throwing any parties?

They are secretly throwing parties over this. Obama is! He’s doing pep rallies. Obama went back to Hawaii to finish the vacation. That’s another slap in the face, by the way. He gets back on Air Force One as soon as the Republicans caved. He didn’t even sign the bill. You know what? Obama used the autopen in the White House to sign the legislation. He didn’t even personally sign it.

He didn’t really even have to come back here. He just did that for the theatrics of it all. So now the table is somehow set for us to kick butt in the spending debate that is gonna come up on the debt limit? Last I saw, Obama is demanding no debt limit whosoever. He just wants to get rid of it, wants to be able to set it himself. But apparently there are people that think now that the table is set for all kinds of spending reform, since the Republicans got all the distractions out of the way.



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