Sandy Victims Shivering in the Cold?


“Sandy victims shiver in Northeast without heat.” Victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Remember, this happened back in late October, early November. This happened a week before the election. This happened way back last year. And, I, ladies and gentlemen, I’m being dead serious with you. Do not infer anything in my tone of voice. I thought that it had been fixed. We haven’t heard since a couple days after the election anything about the Northeast. Well, there were occasional stories of people who still didn’t have power, still didn’t have gasoline, homes still hadn’t been rebuilt. But those stories died away shortly after the election.

Chris Christie wasn’t talking about it much anymore. Andrew Cuomo wasn’t talking about it much anymore. The president wasn’t. Mayor Doomberg wasn’t talking about it. And as time has gone on, I just thought that problem had been solved. Honestly, I did. I thought the power had been restored. I thought gasoline stations are back open. I thought people moved back into their houses. I was shocked when I saw this. Here it is January 25th. By the way, it’s my cousin Steve’s birthday today. Steve Jr., Cape Girardeau, Missouri, happy birthday. He’s, what, I think two years younger than I am.

Anyway, folks, I thought it was done. I haven’t heard any complaints about it. I haven’t heard, “Where’s FEMA?” I haven’t heard anything about people freezing. I haven’t heard anything, not like I heard in Hurricane Katrina. We heard about that for a year.



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