Republicans Begin Gun Cave


Right here it is, folks. It was Phil Gingrey, the Republican from Marietta, Georgia. He was speaking at the Smyrna area council of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce breakfast. It took place yesterday at the Smyrna Community Center. Phil Gingrey, said, “There are some problems, and maybe these huge magazines even for someone who says, ‘Look, I just use an AR-15 for target practice.’ But do you really need to be standing there shooting at a silhouette a shot a second or even quicker with that kind of weapon? For what purpose?” Gingrey asked. “I would be willing to listen to the possibility of the capacity of a magazine.” Meaning being limited.

It was only yesterday. I did not know he said this at breakfast, so he had already said this by the time we offered the postulation yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t know that. I’d heard rumblings. Erick Erickson at Red State sent a note, said, “You mark my words, the Republicans are gonna start fading on this just like they have on abortion and immigration.” And, by the way, just for what it’s worth, Gingrey, after saying he’s open to discussion on the limits of the capacity of a magazine, went on to say that Todd Akin was partly right on what he said about rape. He’ll be forgiven for that since he had the right position on magazine capacity. If Gingrey had just gone out and said, you know, Todd Akin is partly right, today he would have been taken out. But since he got it right as far as the media and the left is concerned on magazine capacity, he’s reported objectively and fairly, ostensibly, in the various places he’s been reporting.



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