Republicans are Scared to Death of Obama Because He Wins by Demonizing Opponents


This Tom Brokaw and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) yesterday on the Today show. They’re on there with Matt Lauer and they are celebrating. They’re celebrating because they think the Republicans have given up, and they’re right. Everybody’s giving up. My impression is that everybody is giving up and they’re waiting for events that nobody can predict to maybe change the direction that we’re headed, events that nobody can predict that will stop Obama in his tracks, events that’ll happen that will wake people up.

The sense I get is that there’s no point in opposing because we’re only gonna be hated. There’s no point in pointing out where Obama’s making a mistake, transforming the country in a bad way, ’cause that’s only gonna make us hated and disliked; people aren’t gonna like it. We don’t want to be hated and disliked. We lost. That’s what happens when you lose. The winners get to do whatever they want, and we’ll just wait for some unknown series of events, and we’ll pray that something karma related will come along and save us, bail us out. That’s what I sense is where much of what you would think would be opposition to this in Washington is.



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