Ray Lewis: What Difference Does It Make?


No, the deer antler doesn’t grow as fast as government debt, but I didn’t say that. I said mammal. The government’s debt’s not mammalian. It’s a whole different breed. The deer are from New Zealand, not Australia. It’s a particular deer from New Zealand. The antlers grow faster than anything else in the mammal world, and that’s why the extract from those antlers is sought, because of the recovery time being speeded up in the human body. The substance, after they do their magic and extract whatever’s the active ingredient here, it’s called IGF-1. It’s banned by the NCAA. It’s banned by every major professional sports league, but you can only discover it if you sample blood, and the NFL doesn’t. The NFL just does urine tests, and that’s it. It’s an insulin-like growth factor. Its natural anabolic hormone stimulates muscle growth. It actually comes from the velvet on a deer’s antlers. Yeah, their antlers are the fastest-growing substance on earth because of the high concentration of IGF-1.

Oh, by the way, Ray Lewis, something I meant to say. Ray Lewis has got a simple explanation or answer for all this. What difference does it make? At this point, what difference does it make? About Atlanta in 2000 and whatever happened in the nightclub — and the deer antler spray, what difference does it make? Hey, it worked for Hillary. If it worked for Hillary, it’s bound to work for somebody like Ray Lewis.



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