Powell: GOP ‘Looks Down on Minorities’


This morning, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to discuss the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to Secretary of Defense. During the discussion, David Gregory asked the liberal Powell, nominally a Republican but a longtime supporter of President Barack Obama, about the Republican Party. “I’m struck when you talk about Republicans as they. I know you insist despite voting for President Obama twice now that you’re still a Republican. But as– as I go through your record on some social issues and even foreign policy issues, I challenge you a little bit to say on what basis are you still a Republican? Do you feel like this Republican Party has left you or have you left it?”

Now, this is a half-decent question, given that Powell has been quite liberal on the issues for years now. But Powell’s answer wasn’t that he differed from Republicans on the issues. Instead, he went directly to the most common liberal meme these days in defending a radical left president: Republicans are racist. It’s a bully tactic that has become all the rage these days – Republicans don’t oppose Obama on policy, and they don’t have a good rationale for standing against liberalism. It’s just that they secretly hate black people.



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