Pop Culture Has Cow Over Brent Musburger, Yawned When Ball Dropped on CNN


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a question, just a question on the culture. On New Year’s Eve — and we talked about this yesterday, might have been last week — on New Year’s Eve, on CNN, Anderson Cooper was hosting the ball drop ceremony in Times Square. He had on his usual co-host, Kathy Griffin, who engaged in simulated oral sex on Anderson Cooper right there on TV. She went down on Anderson Cooper, who was fully clothed.

The reaction to it was, isn’t that revolutionary? Why, isn’t that cutting edge. And people laughed about it and had a good time with it. In fact, there wasn’t much of a reaction to it. Letterman thought it was cool. Anderson Cooper thought it was cool. He had her on his show the next night to talk about it even more. But clearly that’s outside the norms of what was — used to be, anyway — acceptable public behavior.

CNN, which is in the midst of attempting to put its image back together, an image of respectable journalism, trust and all that, and then New Year’s Eve and the ball drop, they give this acknowledged D-list celebrity airtime, and she performs this simulated… well, she did a Lewinsky. She did a Lewinsky there on Anderson Cooper. I mean, maybe one of the reasons nobody had a cow over it is everybody knows that Anderson Cooper’s gay so the thing had to be a simulation. But still, even when I mentioned it, HR, who will go to great lengths to excuse reprobates, said, “Yeah, but you could only see half of it on the screen.” Well, you saw enough of the half of it on the screen to know what was going on.

My point is that there certainly wasn’t any outrage over it. Well, if it had made Anderson Cooper straight, we wouldn’t have known that. That’s not a factor. We don’t think that his sexual orientation was changed after this ’cause it was a simulation. My point is that nobody really had a problem with it. The pop culture, low-information entertainment media places thought it was just cool as hell. Brent Musburger, however, last night during Alabama, Notre Dame, the BCS championship game, happens to see Miss Alabama in the audience. Happens to note that it’s the quarterback’s girlfriend, and goes gaga, and everybody’s having a cow over it. Dirty old man, drooling, who does he think he is?



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