Obama Stands in Way of Immigration Deal


The Republicans, I’m not sure they understand what they’re up against. You know, everybody talks about bipartisanship and compromise, and the Republicans buy that, “Okay, that’s what the voters want. They want us to get along, be bipartisan, compromise.” And so they come up with compromise plans. The president is not gonna compromise anything. He’s not gonna compromise. He doesn’t want to compromise. He is all about ultimate, total victory. He wants to eliminate any viable opposition to him, in the media, in the Senate, in the House. He didn’t negotiate on the debt limit. Said he’s not gonna negotiate on the fiscal cliff, and he said he’s not gonna negotiate on the debt limit. He’s not gonna negotiate on anything. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have to; he won. Yet we are — by “we,” the Republicans are going into this with the idea that they’re going to compromise. It’s what people want.

There is no compromise. As such, there is no common ground. There wasn’t any common ground in the fiscal cliff deal. There isn’t any common ground in the debt limit deal. There’s nothing in common. Compromise is not what the president — and I actually think, by extension, the Democrat Party themselves, are interested in. And if you were them, why would you want to compromise? In your mind, you just won everything, and you won it big. And you’re running around thinking the vast majority of the American people are with you. So what is this compromise business?

The media runs around thinking, they’re a little shocked. Remember, the press conference, F. Chuck Todd and Major Garrett, “Mr. President, why won’t you compromise? The Republicans gave…” Not gonna compromise. And he went on to talk about how the Republicans are the greatest threat to mankind the world has ever faced. His objective is to eliminate them as a political force. So if the Gang of Eight makes it clear — and they did in ’86, too. This was a way to sell it to you — if they claim that nothing’s gonna happen until they secure the border, that’s going to happen. They promise. They’re gonna secure the border. Ted Kennedy said he was gonna do it in ’86. McCain said he was gonna do it in ’07. They’re saying they’re gonna do it now, gonna secure the border. And only then will we then start talking about a path to citizenship.



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