Obama: Republicans are Deadbeats


Okay, listening to President Obama today, press conference, talk about the debt ceiling, you would almost think that raising the debt limit is not spending. It does not require any new spending. Raising the debt limit has nothing to do with new spending, and not only that, raising the debt limit is fiscally responsible, and not only that, it takes great courage. And the Republicans don’t have any courage. And the solution here is for the Republicans to just punt.

If they don’t want the courageous hard work of raising the debt limit, which has nothing to do with spending, then Obama will do it. He just said (paraphrasing), “Look, I could coast in my second term, but I am willing to take on even more responsibilities. If they can’t make the tough choices, and if they can’t make the tough votes,” the Republicans in the House, primarily, but also in the Senate, “then go ahead and give me the authority on the debt limit and I’ll take care of it. I’ll do it in a balanced and responsible way, which is what the American people said they wanted last November.”

This caused Chuck Todd, NBC, to stand up and say, “Well, why don’t you just use the 14th Amendment?” Even Obama realizes how laughable that is. It would be very easy to say, “Okay, I’ll use the 14th Amendment to do this.” It’s what Pelosi and Reid want him to do. That would be bypassing Congress. That would be basically usurping the control of the debt limit, which is spending, which constitutionally all spending has to come from the House of Representatives. What Obama’s actually asking the Republicans to do is, say, you know, change the Constitution, just write a law and say that all spending bills… but, see, this is why I’m confused. We’re not talking about spending. The debt limit is not about spending.



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