Obama Provokes the American People


President Obama today is taking action that a majority of Americans disagree with. He’s going down a road a majority of people disagree with. He knows it. The question is, why? Why is Barack Obama literally trying to push people to snap? Why is he doing this? It’s as though in some way he’s attacking the very sanity of people in this country. Why is he doing this? Why is he deliberately making people so upset? What is driving him? Anybody got any ideas?

I’ve been watching the children-as-human-shields show that is now going on at the White House. Boy, these guys are somber. Biden was very somber. You would have thought that eulogies… (imitating Biden) “I’ve worked with this guy 27 hours a day, President Barack Obama.” (clapping) Yeah! Kids cheer and the president starts out reading some letters from the kids. Gotta do what the kids want. Gotta answer all their letters to Santa Claus. Gotta do everything they want. It’s stunning. You look at the what’s happening in the country.

By the way… I’ve got the 23 executive orders here. There are 23 executive actions. I have them here. I got the PDFs earlier this morning. They were embargoed until the president started speaking, and a summary of these 23 as well. It’s called the Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions. You go through this, and there isn’t one of them that would have stopped what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Not one of these would have stopped this. You couple what the president’s talking about today with Governor Cuomo and what he did in New York. Governor Cuomo has now told therapists that they gotta be on the lookout for strange behavior, and they gotta analyze potentially dangerous behavior. If they think somebody might use a gun in a dangerous way, they gotta report that person. And this has been ramrodded through.



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