Obama Gets GOP Confession: Fiscal Cliff Deal “Enshrines Principle” That Tax Cuts Hurt the Economy


Folks, I have to tell you. I am sitting here and I had so many observations, but I am stunned. I just have to tell you, I’m stunned at how, after four years, none of the conservative or Republican inside-the-Beltway establishment even now understands who they’re dealing with in Barack Obama. How many of our core beliefs are we going to throw away in this misguided belief that we can finally get to what matters? There is a prevailing opinion out there that, “Well, this deal, you know, is actually a pretty good deal. It keeps taxes the same, lowers taxes.” And nobody’s taxes got cut. There was not a tax cut. I’m blue in the face already and we’re only two minutes into this.

Anyway, so here’s the deal. We have the taxes off the table. Yes. And now Obama’s going to be forced to talk about spending. What? Obama’s not through raising taxes on everybody, folks. Obama is saying we raised taxes, but the rich still aren’t paying their fair share. They’re still not paying enough. He’s gonna come back for more. There aren’t gonna be any spending cuts. There isn’t gonna be any entitlement reform. Would somebody show me the evidence to suggest Obama can be pressured to doing anything that he doesn’t want to do? I sit here in stunned disbelief. But at the same time I feel like I’m a member of the smallest minority in this country. When I listen to people and conservatives, Republicans, inside the Beltway, when I listen to ’em talk and the things that they say and the things that they think about this deal, I don’t have anything in common with them anymore. It’s stunning to me. It really is.

Before I unload on the whole thing, I’m curious what you all think of this. I have to figure out where we all are in this ’cause I’m telling you, things are spinning out of control in ways that, frankly, I never imagined. I still don’t think people have the slightest understanding of what we’re up against. And until that’s understood, until it’s admitted to, we’re never gonna make any real, significant progress.



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