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President Obama: Where are the Women?

January 10, 2013

President Obama has made a number of high-profile appointments recently — four at last count, and they are all white men. Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., was in line to follow Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. The right wing unjustly smeared Rice, and despite the efforts of NOW and allied women’s organizations, she was pushed aside and replaced with a white male nominee. And now we hear that Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is leaving her post. Who will be her replacement?

Write to President Obama today and urge him to appoint more women to his cabinet and other top posts. We need women, particularly women of color, in high-level positions in our federal government. A great place to start is the chair of the Federal Communications Commission — a position that will be open soon and has never been held by a woman.

Women have made great strides in government, but we need a critical mass to really make a difference. Now is not the time to go back.

Write to the president today!



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