Not So Long Ago in America, RGIII Would be Portrayed as a Hero, Not a Liar


Dan Wetzel is a sportswriter at Yahoo Sports. The headline of his story: “Robert Griffin III’s Lies, Mike Shanahan’s Poor Management Doom Redskins In Playoffs.” Here’s his piece: “Robert Griffin III couldn’t run, at least not in any way resembling his usual sprints through the line and into open turf. Robert Griffin III couldn’t throw, at least not the deep darts that move the chains and keep defenses honest.

“Robert Griffin III couldn’t lead the Washington Redskins’ offense, not after his knee buckled in the first quarter … Robert Griffin III couldn’t do much of anything Sunday except lie, which is what he’s been trained to do in situations like this. Lie to himself that he can still deliver like no backup could. Lie to his coach that this was nothing big. Lie to the doctors who tried to assess him in the swirl of a playoff sideline. …

“So Robert Griffin III lied, which is to be excused because this is a sport that rewards toughness in the face of common sense, a culture that celebrates the warrior who is willing to leave everything on the field, a business that believes such lies are part of the road to greatness.” Yahoo Sports, folks, Dan Wetzel. This is why we need a congressional committee for safeguards.

These people can’t be trusted to do what’s in their own best interests. The coaches can’t be trusted, the doctors can’t be trusted, the commissioner can’t be trusted, the referees can’t be trusted, the fans can’t be trusted. Somebody needs to step in here and get this warrior mentality out of the NFL, because it’s a business that believes these kinds of lies are part of the road to greatness.



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