Nobody Cares About Economic History


Look, folks, don’t misunderstand. I understand about economic growth. There’s nobody talking about that. There’s nobody talking about economic growth, GDP. Nobody talking about that. There’s not one policy in place currently in our country that is oriented, not federal policy, oriented toward economic growth. Just the opposite. Every policy in place is designed to take money out of the economy. Even private sector people don’t know what I’m talking about. But there isn’t any growth in the economy. That’s not the objective. There are no growth policies.

We may have a 200-year-old track record of how to get economic growth, but that’s not what we’re about. That’s not what the people of this country voted for. And that’s not what this government is focused on. There is no economic growth. The history of economic growth is irrelevant. What is growing is government. And what also is growing is the power of people in it. And that’s the agenda. The objective is for this economy to get smaller. The objective is taking money away from people who’ve earned it and giving it away to others and growing government at the same time. There isn’t any economic growth. The government is oriented in exactly the opposite direction.

I don’t see anybody interested in economic growth, other than perfunctorily, other than just saying so, talking about it. Obama talks about it, but there isn’t one policy oriented toward economic growth. I mean, the unemployment claims are up 10,000 last week. It didn’t get reported on ’cause it doesn’t matter anymore. The election’s over. And the previous week’s unemployment numbers were revised up, as always. So the previous week’s number was really up, it wasn’t down. The number of new claims was 495,000, almost 500,000 unemployment claims before the seasonal adjustment kicked in. And, of course, that’s the real number before the adjustment’s made.

You might also note that an extension of unemployment benefits was part of the fiscal cliff deal. So, in addition to money being taken away from people who earn it, more money was allocated to give to people who aren’t. Would somebody explain to me where the economic growth is in that kind of thinking? There isn’t any. It’s not the objective. It’s not what people voted for. That’s why I say the Republicans better realize they have been sent there to undo something. ‘Cause just going along with this ain’t going to cut it.



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