My Take on Lance Armstrong


Lance Armstrong was on the Oprah show last night on the OWN network. I tell you, I hope you found this interview and network on your cable system in time, ’cause she got right into it. She got in, got it, and got out. You coulda’ wrapped this thing up in the first 10 or 15 minutes. That’s when he admitted everything and then after that it became kind of aimless wandering.

Everybody’s been asking me, “Why do you think he’s doing this now?” The New York Times says that the reason is that Lance Armstrong wants to compete in triathlons and running events, but right now he can’t under the World Anti-Doping Code that typically governs competitions like those. So confessing to a media figure might get his lifetime ban lifted. That’s what the thinking is. Well, that’s what they think. A media figure with a quasi-religious following might get his lifetime ban lifted. That’s just what the New York Times says.

All kinds of other reasons abound: Therapeutic, doesn’t want the pressure of living a lie anymore, just wants it all out there, clean slate, doesn’t have to worry about who he told what lie to anymore. But even some of the other people involved still say he couldn’t come clean enough. Betsy Andreu (paraphrasing), “He didn’t come clean. He didn’t apologize for lying to us. He’s still narcissistic.” So there’s still some people out there that are not happy. Of course, the sportswriter media, these paragons of moral virtue, these guys that have never had any moral slipup in their lives — you ever notice that about reading the sports media? In fact, there’s an interesting piece from one of the founders at Deadspin that I have here today.



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