MLB Writer Blames HOF Vote on Tea Party!


We’ve even got a sportswriter today — you know, nobody got voted in the Hall of Fame. Bonds, Clemens, Sammy Sosa were all up, didn’t get in. We all know why. The sportswriters who vote ’em in didn’t want to vote ’em in because of steroids. Now, what does it say about Major League Baseball? You could look at it as a problem or else maybe they’re in the process of solving a problem. But arguably the greatest home run hitter ever, without the asterisk or with it, arguably one of the best pitchers ever, not in the Hall of Fame, and may not be.

But they played. Bonds hit those home runs. He hit those home runs. They happened. But he’s not in the Hall of Fame. Roger Clemens got those outs. He won those games. And Sosa, ditto. I was a little surprised Craig Biggio didn’t get in. Mike Piazza is a great guy. He was not part of the steroid investigation but the scuttlebutt is that he was using, but nobody knows. So there’s some reluctance, even the New York sportswriters write about that today.

This is Ken Rosenthal, and this is yesterday on the MLB network, the Major League Baseball network. This is sort of an illustration of what I’m talking about. It’s not complete. It’s not a hundred percent analogous, but I don’t know the kind of thinking that leads somebody — here’s a guy, blaming the Tea Party is what he does, for the fact that nobody got voted in the Hall of Fame. I’m serious. It’s the Tea Party. And what about the Tea Party? Well, the Tea Party brought partisanship, a great divide to the peoples of this country. And the Tea Party divide has now even wormed its way into baseball. Here’s Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports senior baseball writer, and here’s his take on it.



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