I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I know the flu shot makes me sick with the flu. I get really upset when the CDC tells people the flu shot can’t make them sick since I know for a fact it can. I don’t know about all of Michael Savage’s facts, but I do know one fact personally: the flu shot can make some people sick.

But let’s get on to what Mr. Savage has to say:

Asking listeners to put aside his political orientation for a moment, talk-radio host Michael Savage questioned the federal government’s recommendation that citizens get a flu shot.

“Did Harry Reid take a flu shot? Did Barack Obama take a flu shot? Did Barack Obama’s lovely family take a flu shot? Did Joe Biden take a flu shot?” Savage asked.

“Which of the mandarins took the flu shot?”

He explained that he was talking specifically about vaccines and was not advocating the avoidance of all pharmaceuticals.

Known for his many books on herbal medicines, Savage acknowledged he has benefited from “an awful lot of life-saving regular medicines.”

“The Flu vaccine?” he asked. “No, I wouldn’t take it.”

Savage noted “not everything your government tells you is true.”