Media Blames Flu for Economic Downturn


Here’s a headline from CNBC: “Major Flu Outbreak Threatens to Slow the Economy Further.” Now, what the hell kind of headline is this? “Major Flu Outbreak Threatens to Slow the Economy Further.” It was just yesterday I was talking about media propagandists, and you see this headline, and you have to understand that I know what I’m talking about and I was right. The flu threatens to slow the economy further?


They’re throwing that out there now?

We know that it’s not the flu slowing down the economy! We know it’s not the flu that has the economy near a standstill. The economy’s been at a standstill for nearly four years. What has the economy in a standstill are the policies coming out of Washington, DC, right now. Yet here we have a journalist outlet friendly to Obama, CNBC — obviously part of the trained media — to make excuses for Obama even before the bad news is out!

The purpose of this story is to give everybody in Washington an excuse before the flu outbreak even hits. I know the reports of the flu outbreak are starting to trickle in now, but we do not have an epidemic yet. We may. Who knows? But what’s being established now is that if and when there is a flu epidemic, “That’s why! That’s why the economy slowed down.” I guess this is probably to replace Bush for a while to explain a bad economy.



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