Manti Te’o and the State of Journalism


Folks, do you remember all of the stories during the campaign of 2008 that Obama told about people dying because they didn’t have health insurance that turned out not to be true? How about the story about his own mother? He told a flat-out falsehood about his own mother being ripped off by a health insurance company or a hospital or something. It turned out not to be true.

It’s the same thing in the sense that if you’re the right guy — if the media has total love and adoration or approval of you for whatever reason — they’re not gonna question you. They want it to be true! They want people to be dying because of health care because they support Obama, and they’ll gladly report that Obama’s mother got the shaft. If it isn’t true, it doesn’t matter. If it helps move the chains, that’s all that matters.

The Manti Te’o situation, it was such a great story, and of course we would love for this to be true! Wow, what a great story and what a great indication of where we’re going culturally. Men and women are now having affairs on the phone. Manti Te’o said he slept with this woman on the phone. He went to bed with her on the phone. How cool that is! (interruption) Well, it’s societal evolution, Snerdley! It’s how the progressives, you know, are ahead of all of us backwards, boring clods.

That’s really happening out there. All of this is great, so you don’t question it. Now, if Tebow starts talking about this stuff, not a syllable of it goes by without it being investigated — and if they can find that Tebow is lying about something? (snickers) Well! Can you imagine Tebow trying to run this hoax? Oh, folks, I don’t even want to think about that. Man, oh, man. Mariah Carey thinks she’s got trouble with that Kooky Minaj babe? Boy, can you imagine what that would do to her?



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