We might as well move now into our low-information voter segment. We’re gonna start with Al Joker… Al Roker, I’m sorry. He was on NBC’s Dateline on Sunday night during a report about his gastric bypass surgery. You know, Al Joker used to be a big guy. Speaking of gastric bypass surgery, if I may take a brief departure, you know who else had that was Rex Ryan, the coach of the Jets. What he actually had was a lap band put in there. What you can do with a lap band, from what I understand, he went to the hospital for special surgery in New York, and he had this lap band put in there. Well, apparently you can adjust it. There’s a screw outside your stomach and your skin that you can expand your stomach or contract it. So you can defeat the purpose.

They don’t actually take any of your stomach out; they just put a band around it so it gets smaller and fills up faster. But you can change that. So when Rex did his the first six months there wasn’t much of a change. So people figured Rex was playing with the screw. But after that, Rex lost a lot of weight. And commensurate with his weight loss has been the failing fortunes of the Jets. As Rex has lost weight, the Jets have played more poorly.

Now, I don’t know if you know this or not. I’m sure many of you probably do. The NFL has a tradition. After the last game of the season, whenever it is, the coach and the general manager do a press conference. They meet with the press, they explain what went wrong, what they’re gonna do to improve next year, any hirings, firings, player changes, and then they’re off for a while. Well, Rex didn’t do that. Rex, instead, went to Paradise Island over in the Bahamas. There’s a couple of resorts over there. There is Atlantis. There’s Atlantis Cove, which is a more exclusive place, don’t really have a lot of kids.

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