Libs Have No Interest in Chicago Gun Violence or Child Victims of the Economy


The regime and the media are joining forces to try to create the notion, and people believe it, by the way, that their children are at risk in school every day. We are subjecting our children to violence and harm, and we must do something. And of course only the federal government can do things. But the truth of the matter is, our children, go to Chicago and talk to them. Speaking of the media, just yesterday or the day before, another 14-year-old, another 15-year-old, black kids killed in Chicago. Where’s the media? Why isn’t the media reporting on this? Is it because it’s black-on-black crime and that isn’t a story?

The teenage death rate by virtue of guns in Chicago is dwarfing what happened at Newtown. We’re talking 500-a-year, minimum, in Chicago. Where is the media? Where is the consciousness raising? Where are the children writing letters from Chicago? Where are those letters? Is Obama receiving them? Does anybody care if it does not happen somewhere in the Northeast? Does nobody care if it’s one or two kids a day instead of 25 or 30 in one day? Does nobody care if it’s black-on-black crime? If white people were shooting the black kids in Chicago, would the media be there?

If gun violence and children at risk because of gun violence is the number one story, then how in the name of Sam Hill can the media not be in Chicago every day? Why doesn’t every media outlet have a Chicago bureau, and why isn’t what’s happening in the Chicago leading the news every night? If the objective is to control guns, if the objective is to control violence, if the objective is to register owners, if the objective is to find out everybody’s got a gun, prevent the sale of certain sizes, types of guns, why isn’t anybody in Chicago?



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