Libs Believe Their Own Tea Party Definition


Bob Woodward, Washington Post, took a swipe at the Tea Party yesterday. He was on the Chris Matthews syndicated show. And Bob Woodward of Watergate fame — listen to this quote and see what you think. Woodward said, “We’ll see if the White House is going to realize it’s much better to have a Speaker Boehner with that mindset than somebody from the Tea Party or the more extreme right which would just lay down and, you know, let the country burn.” Tea Party, just lay down. Now, what does this mean? What Woodward is saying — I don’t think he knows what he’s said here. Woodward saying, lay down, means don’t do anything. Don’t negotiate with Obama. Let Obama have his way. Don’t oppose him. Don’t do anything.

Obama wants to raise taxes, let it happen. Obama doesn’t want to reform entitlements, that’s what laying down is. Going over the cliff is what laying down is. Does Woodward realize that what he just said is, essentially, letting Obama have everything he wants equals the country burning? It’s what he says. Obama is much better off with a Speaker Boehner who will negotiate with him than with a Tea Party person who wouldn’t. Boehner didn’t want to go over the cliff. The Tea Party would go over the cliff, and the country would burn if we go over the cliff, meaning if Obama gets what he wants, we go over the cliff.

Does Woodward realize that’s what he said? I’m not trying to make any of you nervous. I’m a bit passionate here. ‘Cause I think this is one of these lines that people hear and they miss it. They get caught up in the insult to the Tea Party, which, granted, is something to note. Who is the Tea Party? Do you know who the Tea Party is? I mean, when it first formed, the Tea Party is essentially senior citizens who’d never been involved in politics before. Not all senior citizens, but quite a few of them were and they were simply outraged at the level of spending that was happening in Obama’s first two years. Then Obamacare came along and they were beside themselves because they’re old enough, knowledgeable enough, mature enough to know what it means for their kids and their grandkids. They happen to care about the future for their kids and the grandkids and they saw this endless spending, the racking up of debt and what it would mean, and for the first time in their lives they started going to town hall meetings.



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