Liberals Misread Rubio Interview


So what do you think the big immigration news is today? Take a wild guess what the big immigration news today is. That’s exactly right. In fact, the only news on the immigration front in the Drive-By State-Controlled Media seems to be my interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio yesterday. And you know why? You know why that’s the only immigration news out there? It’s because the Drive-Bys seem to think that my praise of Rubio means that I have suddenly decided to support amnesty. I’ve got the sound bites to prove it. I don’t know what they heard, maybe they heard potential, but, you know, I’ll tell you what did it.

At the end of the interview yesterday, I thanked the senator for joining us on the program and I praised him, and I praised him because he’s got the guts to speak and articulate conservative principles. He had the guts to take on President Obama. Time will tell whether he’ll follow through on that, but I simply believe in encouraging people that exhibit courage. Now, he said yesterday during the interview that if there isn’t any border security first, he’s not gonna vote for this. Time will tell. But I simply was trying to encourage him, thank him for being here.

It wasn’t a puffball interview. “Why are we doing this? Why do we let the Democrats set the agenda on this stuff all the time? How come we’re always reactionary and defensive? Why do we have to do this now?” You know, folks, I mentioned yesterday that we’re being whipsawed. Yesterday it was immigration. Five minutes before that it was guns. Today it’s back to guns. Now it’s all about the guns. We had another first-ever hearing on what happened in Newtown. We had Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabby Giffords, who is a good guy. He’s an astronaut, shuttle commander, and it’s obvious he’s gotta be a good guy, and I admire him. I admire both of them, actually, what they’ve been through and, you know, she’s amazing in what she is able to accomplish after what happened to her.



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