Liberal Drone Hypocrisy


Ok, here they go again. Drone strikes are a bad thing, so the San Francisco Liberal Elite says, as they kill people “indiscriminately”. One thing President Obama has done right has been to selectively and righteously project American firepower, in the form of targeting Predator drones, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are being used to kill terrorists. The very bad guys. Why risk the loss of American lives, the very ones these people want to kill, when we can simply launch a drone? The President’s “kill list” is widely reported to be down from about 24 terrorists to about 10. Do innocents get killed when we do this? Of course they do. They also get killed when we send in Rangers, Marines, SEALs and Special Ops. It is the sad reality of way. But so do OUR forces.

But watch any liberal show, MSNBC is a personal favorite for this crap, and they all squawk their well-rehearsed lines and name pronunciations of innocents killed. One that has the Left particularly seething is the death of an American 16 year-old boy, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. One might ask what he was doing even near the region. The self-righteous on those programs don’t like to address that part. He was seeking to visit his father, Anwar al-Awlaki, a known Al Qaeda member, who left the United States, also as a citizen, to join up with terrorists bent on our destruction. As it turns out, his father was on one of those death lists and was killed by a drone. Bull’s-eye. See ya! A couple of weeks later the son was inadvertently killed by another drone. I wouldn’t have my 16 year-old son there. Nobody in his or her right mind would. So more “collateral damage”. Such is war.

The Left? Those big defenders of the Constitution? They love to bark at the 2nd Amendment being “written by a bunch of slave-owning white men”. Well, I guess the Rainbow Coalition wrote the 14th Amendment and the ACLU’s favorite clause. The Due-Process clause. They so enjoy stating that a US Citizen, incredulously in this case, two Americans, were denied due-process in effectively being given the death sentence. Two things. Don’t join terrorist groups and don’t go looking to read the Quran with these fellows.



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