Left Throws Fit Over NRA Ad


The president of the United States, by law, has all this Secret Service protection. His kids have it, and wherever they go, there is armed protection all over the place. And they don’t have to pay for it, and it’s a concern the president really doesn’t have to the degree that you do. The president can rest somewhat easily. His kids are hard to get to. But you?

It’s not the president’s kids being gunned down in Sandy Hook or in Chicago. It’s your kids. Middle managers’ kids are being gunned down. It’s ordinary, average Americans’ kids that are being killed, not the president’s, not Biden’s kids, not members of Congress’ kids, certainly not the president’s. Yours. And you’re being told today that you ought to have a little sense of perspective or proportion.

You gotta understand that the president needs more protection than you do. The president’s kids are more important than yours. You’re silly to agree with the NRA to put an armed guard in the schools. You’re silly. Your kids don’t need that. Who do you think you are? You know as well as I do that with this stuff that happens at these elementary schools and what’s going on in Chicago, that being a parent today means every day is a crapshoot where the safety of your kids is concerned, and every parent is like any other parent.



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